Centre of Excellence in Endodontics

ExcelEndo in partnership with SimplyEndo (UK) offers a complex post-graduate training program, the central theme of which is Endodontics. Our unique concept offers an interactive approach to teaching, enabling participants to learn the latest Endodontic techniques in the shortest time possible. The program not only covers general theoretical aspects of Endodontics, together with clinical protocols based on the latest scientific evidence, but also a significantly high amount of hands on technical training in order for participants to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Our program started in 2003 in the United Kingdom and it is fulfilling the GDC (UK) regulations and provides 60 hours of verifiable CPDs.

The idea

  • Do you want to develop confidence into your own strengths and to eliminate forever the "Endodontic stress"?
  • Do you want to be able to achieve predictable and repeatable results in Endodontic therapy?
  • Do you want to improve your success rate through a correct diagnosis of pathology that you previously ignored or avoided to treat?
  • There is a lack of understanding about the art and science of Endodontics, but we are about to change that!
  • Register for the Advanced Endodontic Program and discover the science and the logic behind predictable Endodontic success!
  • Get rid of the "Endodontic stress" that you suffer from when you notice Endodontic cases scheduled into your appointment book!
  • Learn how to approach and how to deal with your cases, so as to always be in control

Course Information: First group : 12-13 august